From the diode to the present day.

Metalarredo presents as core business the production of LED lamps. This technology has existed for over half a century, but only in recently has revealed its enormous potential in terms of decor and design. But what are they? First of all the LED achieves high brightness, four times longer than traditional bulbs, than it has low production costs, but at the same time presents great efficiency and reliability unmatched (the duration of an LED is at least double that of a classical light source). The LED has important advantages, such as reduced maintenance costs and minimal heating of the illuminated objects.

The technical preparation and the ability to present itself as interlocutor effective and timely compliance with these new technologies are the winning cards of Metalarredo. The company, in fact, was able to understand and personalize the use of LED lighting in furniture, creating singular and performing solutions. Exploiting the flexibility of LEDs, Matalarredo has been able to offer it with very good results in different market environments, applying it in situations creative and original. According the comfort and design, he studied surprising and versatile lighting solutions, such as inserting points of light on the floor, inside drawers or foot of the bed, the wall, demonstrating that there are no limits to the imagination and design.

ISO9001:2008 Metalarredo obtained in July 2015 certificate quality system UNI EN ISO 9001:2008 issued by the International... continue>